I got into Wedding photography because I want to be part of something important, fun and beautiful.  I already had all the gear and technical knowledge of photography because it has always been a hobby of mine.  Once I got engaged and became involved in the planning of my wedding I realized that I wanted to be part of this industry. 

What I bring to the table is a combination of technical skill, passion for photography and insight into the whole wedding industry.


- I have taken classes, attended many workshops, read many books and I continue to learn about photography.

- I was very involved in the planning of my own wedding, so I know about all the details that are involved (my wife and I are big DIYers)

- My wife is my assistant / additional shooter so you get things from both the male and female perspective when you work with us

- My day job is as an engineer, that means I am a problem solver.  During a wedding there are many problems that arise and you need someone that can think fast on their feet, provide solutions and improvise.  one of my favorite sayings is "you are either part of the problem, or part of the solution"

- I am very easy to get along with and will work with you before, during and after the wedding to make sure the most important memories of your wedding day are best represented.