Bridal Boudoir / Couple Boudoir

Boudoir photos are sensual photos of you and can be anything from pictures of you in lingerie to pictures of you in his favorite team's jersey.  You can make them as racy or as conservative as you like.  These photos can be a great gift to surprise your future husband on your wedding night.  He'll be blown away when you enter your bridal suite after your long day and see some stunning boudoir photos of you printed and framed around the room.

A boudoir photo session can also be a great anniversary present.  The 1st anniversary is a "paper" anniversary, why not make it a sexy photo of yourself. You can surprise your significant other with this or you can even do a couples boudoir photo session, either way it is guaranteed to add some spice and excitement to your relationship.

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Engagement / Pre-wedding

This is a fun way to relax from all the stress of wedding planning.  These photos are usually in a casual setting, where you can show off your personalities.  Many people use the photos from an engagement session as the "save the date", for an enlargement to display at the reception, for the wedding website, or for a slideshow during the reception.


Trash the Dress / Mess the Dress / Rock the dress

A "Trash the Dress" session can be a great way to get some more mileage out of your dress.  You paid a lot of money for it so why only use it once, box it up, and put it in the attic never to be seen again.  And don't worry, just because it's called a trash the dress photo shoot does not mean we have to literally trash the dress.  We can just take some photos of you in your wedding dress in non traditional settings and have some fun with it.

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Day After Shoot

This is when we do the Bridal Photo Session the day after the wedding.  There are a number of reasons why you might want to consider this.  If you are pressed for time on the day of the wedding and don't want to be stressed out about getting the perfect picture.  Sometimes with the way things are scheduled during your day the times that the light is perfect don't coincide with when you can do your portraits, or in some cases sunrise is a better time to capture the landscape.