For your convenience, when you review your photos online you can add instructions for me to re-touch or post process your images and save a collection of the photos you like. 

If you’d like me to do some retouching or other post-processing,  simply add a comment to the photo:

Step 1)

Click on the “Add comment” button below the photo you want me to edit.

Click on the “Add comment” button below the photo you want me to edit.


On the mobile site click on the “menu” tab then “Add a Comment”:

Menu  MobileMenu Mobile Add Comment- MobileAdd Comment- Mobile

Step 2)                 


You can suggest a different crop size, highlight an area and leave instructions for me on the comments area, ask for a black and white copy etc…

   Make sure the “Private Comment” button is selected so that only I can see it, and hit “Add comment”.

Adding commentsAdding comments


**Note: On the mobile website you can not crop, highlight or make the comments private.

After you leave instructions for me click on “Post  Comment” when you are done.

Mobile - Post CommeentMobile - Post Commeent


When you create a collection of photos you can share the set with me and with friends and family members to view.

Step 1)

You can add the photos to a group by clicking on the “add to favorites” button above the picture or hover over the picture and click on “add to favorites” from the drop down menu:


On a mobile device the “add to favorites” button is located below the picture:

Add to favoritesAdd to favorites


Step 2)

After you have finished selecting all your favorites click on the “edit my selection” button under the “my selections” tab:



On a mobile device click on “menu” and then click on “view favorites”   

Menu  MobileMenu Mobile view favoritesview favorites

Step 3)

Click on the “Send to…” button and fill out your info and make sure “Send to Photographer” is selected, then click on the “Share” button: (To send the gallery to friends and family by click on the “Send to a Friend” tab)

send to photographer copysend to photographer copy


On a mobile device click on the “Share” button fill out the info and hit “send”:

Mobile - ShareMobile - Share send to photographer - Mobilesend to photographer - Mobile


If you save the collection set then you will be able to go back to it later and add more photos to it.


Once you save your collection set and post instructions for retouching I can edit and repost the finished photos.